Need Ryobi 990r information


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Need Ryobi 990r information

Hello all and Puey & Cheese. I'm just getting back to the Ryobi you folks helped me so much with. I've finally found the correct size key and am beginning the slow process of buttoning her up! I have NO IPL, OM or general Reyobi information. Can anyone give me the specs on the Flywheel/Coil Gap and the spark gap? Figured I better do better than guessing. I haven't had too much time on Roybi's. As always, "Thanks in advance"! Ron
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Hi Ron!

Turn the flywheel so that the magnet pulls the coil to it, then stick a business card between the coil and flywheel and tighten it. Rotate it to be sure the flywheel clears all the way around (have seen some egg-shaped flywheels). This should put you where you need to be (.010"-.014").
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You can find an Owners manual as well as an IPL for it here

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