tecumseh vs. b&s


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tecumseh vs. b&s

I looking to purchase a new push lawn mower and would like some pros and cons on B&S and Tecumseh engines.
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Hello daswede!

That's kinda like asking which is better, ford or chevy. It's a topic I try to stay away from. I really have a hard time myself deciding which I like better. I prefer Briggs most of the time, but it depends on the model of the engine.

As far as pros and cons...well, that depends on models too. In general, Tecumseh is more prone to have carburetor problems than Briggs. Anything other than that really depends on model. Some Briggs engines are prone to premature cylinder/ring failure, mostly the flathead 5, 5.5, 6 hp engines in the 120000 series. The IC models in that range are excellent.
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those were the kind of thoughts i had to. Iv'e always had B&S myself,and was looking at a Toro that has aTecumseh engine. My earlier recollection of Tecumseh was that some folks really disliked them.
Both manufacturers have been around for some time so i didn't have any real qualms about either. Its nice to get others input.

Thanks for your reply.
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Cheese perty much said all I would say...ditto!
Tecumseh engine cores do seem to last for ever as long as you can get fuel/air to em. Particularly with their newer molded carbs. I find at least 25% of the time the carbs are not reapairable and need replaced. Most briggs will need cleaning only and maybe a kit at most.

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