Riding mower questions


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Johnny James
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Question Riding mower questions

I bought an Ariens riding lawn mower last year at a garage sale. It has a hydrostatic drive. When I got the mower out this year the fluid resivoir was empty. I called around and was told to put 20/50 motor oil in it. I did, but before I could finish the first mowing, the mower lost all it's drive. The oil had become foamy or bubbley looking. I need to know if anyone knows the correct type of fluid that should be used. There isn't any visible model no. or serial no. on the gearbox or drive motor. It only reads Ariens S-8 HYDROSTATIC on the side of the mower. Also I drained the old fluid out of the gearbox but the resivoir didn't drain. The gearbox and hydro motor look as though they are one unit. Is there another drain anywhere or do I have to take the drive off the mower?
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Personally I don't think the oil is the problem. Most likely there is a reason you found the drive res empty. Can you find any signs of leaking? Could be a crack or..... Is the res still full?

Foaming is prolly caused from the oil being mixed with air from a low level or....
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Johnny James
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Riding mower questions

Yes the res is still full & there is no manual. Shouldn't a non-detergent fluid be used in a hydro?
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There are often "purge" cycles that are reccomended by the manufacturers of hydro trannies. They purge the air from the system. You'll need to find out the reccomended procedure from the mfgr. The foamy oil is compressing too much to drive the unit. Chances are it will run ok after the foam settles out, until it does it again.
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Looks like you can get the owners manual here

just did the same thing for my snapper rider at their site.

Good luck

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