Weedeater starts but only runs for a second or two??

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Exclamation Weedeater starts but only runs for a second or two??

I know it's running out of gas. I can pump the primer bulb and choke it and it will start back up and run for another second or two. I took the carb off and cleaned it good with carb cleaner and used air to blow out all ports. But it keeps doing the same thing. I replaced both fuel lines, the one that goes to the fuel filter and the return to the tank and I even replaced the primer bulb. I noticed the primer bulb would pump gas to the carb but it didn't seem to hold a prime, meaning gas did not stay in the bulb. I thought it was suppose to stay full??

Any ideas?????
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The primer bulb only circulates fuel thru the system. When you push it should pump to the return to the tank, when you release it should draw fuel thru the carb via the filtered line from the tank to the carb. You are correct the primer should remain with fuel in it.
You prolly need to remove the two side covers on the carb and install a diaphram kit after cleaning well. The gaskets are cheap nuff under 5 bucks but if that doesn't do it, I deep six em personally (if its a weedeater brand or similar one use model) .

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