Craftsman weed wacker Spark trouble


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Craftsman weed wacker Spark trouble

Hi all, I am having trouble with my weed wacker Hope you can help. It was/is getting no spark. I installed a new plug Here is the odd thing. With the plug out and dangling on the wire it will spark if i put my finger on the plug and pull it. When I take my hand off it and just let it set there no spark. Now In thinking i must be a good conductor of electricity or something? It sparks nad shocks me when I hold the whole plug or when i just put my finger on the tip of the plug it will spark then also. But it will not spark when i just let it dangle. Both the old and new plug act the same way. am i going to need a new spark module at a cost of 35% of the whole machine Or am i just missing something here. Thank in advance for the help
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The electricity in the coil must have a place to go for it to spark. The spark is the current going trough the wire, to the anode of the spark plug, arcing across the air gap to the electrode which is the end of the circuit when the plug is installed. When the plug is just dangling, it is not connected. There is no circuit. Just like a bare wire plugged into your wall outlet. If it is plugged in, and bare, and not connected to anything, then the electricity available is not going anywhere....until you touch it, or otherwise give it a path to travel. Your spark plug must be touching metal on the engine, or find another path to ground. When you touch it, you are providing the only path there is for the current to travel. So you get spark. You completed the circuit. Touch the plug to a metal part of the engine and you will have spark. I believe you have a different problem. Sounds like the ignition is working fine.
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No STart Craftsman Mod 358.....

Thank you for your answer ROBCM3 about the no spark. I have the same problem but now know why - you indicated to him he has another problem could you possible elucidate what that or those problems might be.

Thank you so much.
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There's no way of knowing what the problem could be without some sort of description of symptoms. He/She stated it had no spark, and that was the only symptom. Why the person was checking for spark wasn't divulged to us.

What is the problem YOU'RE having?

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