lawn mower will no longer start :o(


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lawn mower will no longer start :o(

I was trying to help my girlfriend's neighbor who's husband is very sick. They have an old yard machines with a 4hp Briggs & Stratton. Being an older mower she was concerned that it may not start this year. I cleaned the air filter, checked the plug, and got it running for her. While mowing her yard for her, it ran out of the gas it had in it from last year. I replaced with fresh gas, primed it, and it started easily and ran fine again. All the cables are not working, so they have been shutting it off by removing the spark plug wire. I went to shut it off to move to the back yard and of course I got a bit of a shock and dropped the plug wire. I tried to pick it up and dropped it again. It was kind of running and kind of trying to quit and I think with all the sputtering there was a popping noise. It would not start again after this. I changed the plug and checked that it is getting a spark. It is. I took the air filter off and when I push the primer bulb it is getting fuel. I removed the flywheel and checked the key and keyway and they were intact although I replaced the key with a new one anyway. I removed the head cover(?) and the piston and such are moving. I'm not sure if it is normal, but when I turn the blade, it turns fairly easily. I'm at a loss. Any ideas on what removing and dropping the plug wire might have done. Thanks for the help.
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It shouldn't have done anything. If you have spark, fuel, and air, then it should run if it has them at the right time and enough compression. What happened shouldn't have affected the compression. The timing is affected by the flywheel key, which you checked. So that puts us back at spark or fuel. Maybe you have flooded it...too much fuel? Is the plug wet? Is it firing across the air gap in the plug where it's supposed to, or is the spark between the plug and whatever part of the engine it's touching?

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