weed eater wont rev


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Angry weed eater wont rev

I have 2 tools doing the same thing,,one is a ryobi blower and the other is a toro weedeater... both will start with the choke on turn the choke off and they will just bogg.. has a terrible sound like it is trying to pull through the carb. hard but will just not rev... If you watch closly at the carb. inlet it seems to be splattering fuel in and out the carb. I have pulled both carbs and cleaned them. I even went so far as to pull them apart enough to determin if the reed ?? spelling there?? was sticking like a valve in a 4 stroke. This blower had this problem one time before and I had a repair shop fix it and they said it was trash in the carb ??? I guess it was it ran fine for a year or so. I hate not being able to fix these little 2 stroke jobs... I need more insight on the operation of it or has anyone else had this problem???? Help !!!
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There should be 2 small screws side by side on the carb. The one closest to the air filter is the high speed mixture screw. Back it out about 1/8 turn and see if they do better.
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Sure sounds like fuel starvation, by way of the carb, but be sure you are running fresh fuel/oil mix. Gas older than 90 days old loses its volatility and gives the impression of starvation.
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I agree with cheese

Back when I used to work on two stroke trimmers 75% of the time the problem was due to carb calibration. Some carbs have plastic caps over their screws which limit the amount of adjustment that you can make. If this is limiting you from turning just pop these babys off. Sometimes it helps to screw the screw all the way in and screw it out by 4 full turns.

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