Trimmer Lawn Mower Company?

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Trimmer Lawn Mower Company?

Hello, I'm new and this is my first post to this forum. It seems there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained judging from some of the reading I've done. I purchase a 7-blade reel mower with a 5 horse B&S engine, it works great and is made by the TRIMMER LAWN MOWER COMPANY, GARDENA CALIFORNIA. I was shocked that it started because when I checked the tank before cranking there was red gas in it, I havn't seen red (leaded) gas in years!
Anyway, I wonder if anyone has any info on this company which is this threads title and maybe knows how much these reel mowers sold for or what they're worth now or how old they are? It also has its big metal catch pan that hangs in front and catches the grass. Thankyou, little-bit
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Hello Little-bit!

Sorry, but I am not familiar with the mower or the company. I imagine the red color of the gas was due to a fuel stabilizer, since gas old enough to be leaded would not run an engine. Sounds interesting. There are some sites on the net that deal with old oddities like yours. Try a google search on "antique lawn mowers" and see what turns up.
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Trimmer lawn mower

The Trimmer lawn mower I have now is the same one I mowed my dads yard with.That was a couple of engines ago.I absolutly LOVE this mower.I know it will need a reel soon and have been looking around the internet and can't find anything.My dad said that all of the pros. used them and I hope they are still in buisness.
If anyone can find anything on these mowers,please let me know.
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Trimmer Lawn Mower

Trimmer has been bought by Eastman in Portland Maine.

I had one for many years, I loved it, which I still had it.

Trimmer of Fresno, Inc.
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Eastman has also taken over the old line of Case/Ingersoll tractors. I have had a chance indirectly to deal with the folks there in Maine a couple of times, and they are a good outfit, VERY customer oriented. If they have parts, they will do what they can do get your mower running.
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I have a Trimmer front catcher professional-type mower. It is in the shop now - clutch gone out. Don't know if it can be repaired. I got it new about 20 years ago and also love it. Needs sharpening and the sheet metal catcher has had a lot of repairs and modifications. Does anybody know of a parts supplier? Harry in New Mexico
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Trimmer Mower

I too have a trimmer mower and it has served me for a lot of years. I'm looking for height adjusting wheel bar that mounts in the front. Does anyone know where I can get parts in Orange County CA.
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Eastman Industries :: HoverMower :: Eastman Commerical
Above is the website for the company that bought out Trimmer. I don't know if they still have parts, but you can contact them thru their website.
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Eastman still makes the same lawn mower as the old Trimmer.




It's basically the exact same design. Which shows how good the design was in the first place. The height adjustment, the blades, the center drive wheel, the chain guard, almost the entire carriage, is the same.

I have an old front catcher with the metal catcher. My Dad bought it in the late 60s or early 70s. It can drag you across the lawn at full throttle.

Trimmer was based in Gardena, California, and after World War II, a lot of Japanese Americans settled in Gardena after they were released from the Internment Camps. During the 50s and 60s, a lot of Japanese American men were professional gardeners throughout Southern California. Many of the biggest plant and garden nurseries in So Cal were also owned by Japanese Americans at the time.

Trimmer's heavy duty lawn mowers were used by a lot of Japanese American gardeners. So certain shops here in So Cal that the Japanese American gardeners frequented know a lot about them.

My friend Doug, who own's *******told me to never sell my Trimmer lawnmower. He's been fixing lawn mowers for over 50 years. His Dad ran the shop before him, so he knows his lawn mowers. Doug said the Trimmers are professional grade lawn mowers, and they are built like tanks. Just take good care of the engine, and they will just keep running. The rest of the lawn mower almost indestructible.
Another shop that would know the Trimmer is ******* They've also been around since the 50s or 60s.

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