...Points/Condensor Ignition (Converted) to Electronic


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...Points/Condensor Ignition (Converted) to Electronic

Converted 5.5 Briggs from Points/Condensor Ignition to Electronic, now muffler glows.

Have a 5.5 HP Briggs and Stratton motor on a tiller. Motor is about 30 years old. Posted recently about ignition problem. I have that resolved now. A new problem has developed though. When I installed the electronic ignition on the tiller, it came with a new key for the crankshaft/flywheel. I was told this would correct the timing for the new coil. (I think this may be my initial problem). Installed everything correctly, wired up the kill switch, added a little gas down the carburetor pulled twice and it fired right up. I then proceeded to clean the carburetor and empty the gas tank to fill it up with fresh gas. Was out of fresh gas and had some 2 cycle mixed gas. I've always been told it wouldn't hurt a motor, just make it smoke. Gave it a little gas so that it would run for a few minutes on it's on. After starting it and having it run at full throttle the muffler began to glow with heat, and backing off the throttle fast it backfired and shot out a nice quick flame. So I have been told so far that the timing is off and that it's running lean and / or that I have a stuck valve?

Would appreciate any help or information.

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Well, it might be your timming. I would clean it out and run it on fresh gas to see if it helps, if it is running fine on reg gas i doubt it is a valve.
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Well, I installed the original flywheel key and adjusted the fuel flow on the carb. The entire insides of the muffler don't glow now, but I can see were part of it is still starting to glow, but seeing it requires getting within 2 inches of the muffler and I don't want to be that close to it running. lol. Also I still get a small flame shot (smaller now) when going wide open throttle to a low idle quickly, otherwise slowly backing off there is no problem.

Its ok though. I let it run wide open for 30 minutes and did not have a missfire or glowing muffler so I'm sure it's fine now. All it needs to do is plow a short row for some tomatoe plants and break up some dirt around my house so I can extend my patio and I can retire it. I mean it's 30+ years old, never been rebuilt, used not even a dozen times a year over the 30 years. It's time to overhaul.

I'm still willing to try any suggestions to do away with the flame throwing and mild muffler glow though.

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Hello castuckey!

The flame and glowing muffler would indicate a lean fuel mixture. Try backing out the mixture screw on the side of the carb a little. If it doesn't stop the problem, you may have to clean the carb and/or replace the diaphragm. Keep in mind that a muffler will glow anyway, but you usually won't see it unless it's dark.

Glad the coil worked out for you. Sounds like the guy that told you that a new key is needed was uninformed, or misinformed.

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