6.5hp Briggs not starting


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6.5hp Briggs not starting

Before I stored my mower for winter I drained the gas and let it run until the engine quit. It now will not start. It is a Briggs 6.5 craftsman with pull start no throttle and a primer. The primer is working so I thought I flooded it. I waited 24 hours and tried starting it with out priming, nothing. I then primed it and again nothing. It is getting spark and I changed the plug. It does nothing. Does not run on primed fuel or even try to start.

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Hello Torino!

Did you visually verify that you indeed have spark? Does the plug get wet? Can you squirt some fuel into the spark plug hole and get it to run for a moment?
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Possibly a stuck valve? I mention this only because yeserday I fixed a used mower I bought that had been sitting for years. Turns out the intake valve had stuck in the up position. I freed it up with some PB Blaster and it runs great! If it is a standard single cylinder flat head design the head should come off with around 8 bolts revealing the piston and valves. Might be worth a look.
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Same problem

I have the same problem with the same mower! However, I didn't drain the gas from the tank before winter. I have verified that the spark plug gets wet, and that I have a spark, so I'm guessing that I need fresh fuel. I'll try squirting fuel into the spark plug hole and see if it will catch for a second or two. I'll report back with findings.

Note: I'm not going to check for a stuck valve yet, as this machine is less than a year old!
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I have the same mower and it will start up then it quits again. it did this before and it was the jets. I got it fixed the first time, but now I'm going to do it myself to save money. I just need a diagram of the jets and carburetor so I know what I'm looking at and descriptions of each part.
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Post the model, type and code for the engine, usually stamped in the metal engine shroud just above the spark plug or on a tag on the engine so we know what engine you have. Have a good one. Geo

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