Lawn Tractor with Snowblower


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Lawn Tractor with Snowblower

I live in NW Iowa and just purchased an acreage with a 100 yard drive. I am looking for advice in purchasing a lawn tractor with a snow blower attachment. Does anyone have a preference on horsepower or other specs I should be aware of?
The yard to mow covers close to 2 acres.
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bigger is better
i have a 10 hp and it's not big enough when there lots of snow
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I don't know what your budget is, but I'd be looking for a garden tractor with weight of at least 650-750 pounds and a 18 HP engine. The 30 year old Deere 140 tractor had a hydro tranny and a 14 HP engine that would power a 48" wide single stage blower through 12" of snow easily. But that engine had a lot of torque (power) at the middle high throttle setting. Some of todays engines may claim 27 HP at 3600 rpm under ideal circumstances, but in the real world, torque at actual operating speeds is more important. As far as recommended brands/models, the Deere GT and GX series, Cub 2500 and 3000 series, Simplicity Conguest and Prestige, Wheelhorse 315 classic, to name a few. These machines with blower, mower deck, wheel weights and chains will all easily eat all of a $5000 bill and more.
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I'm in total agreement with bontai Joe...Garden tractor class definitely. He made some excellent suggestions as far as what to check out.

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