Craftsman 6.0 B&G self propelled ignition problem


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Craftsman 6.0 B&S self propelled ignition problem

My Little lawn mower is 4 years old, maintained.
This Spring it would not start. I changed the spark plug. Its getting fuel. I feel it is the "control bar" that is the problem. The "kill switch" seems to be stuck on "kill".
I've had the problem in the past (maybe 3 times in 3 years), but always have gotten her started with a few "jossels". I'm 95% sure its a contact/circuit issue. I took off the top plastic cover but still cannot see much where the contacts are after the control bar is pulled back into the run position.
Any help u can offer I'd appreciate it. I've NEVER not been able to get a lawnmower started. I'm determined.
Fuel was drained left to "run out" at the end of last season.
Historically, this engine starts on 1st or 2ns pull.

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not starting

Problem is always fuel or spark related. After sitting all winter its more likely to be fuel than spark. Try squirting some gas in the carb throat and then cranking it to make sure its gettin fuel--it should at least fire.
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Thx S/T.
Its getting fuel. I've removed the new spark and its wet after I remove it.
I agree its almost always spark or fuel related. And this is spark related, there isn't one. As I mentioned, I've had this problem before, but never at the beginning of the season. I've had it mid-season. I've got to check my circuitry and wiring connections and I don't know how.
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Briggs, Tecumseh or other engine?

Sorry, didn't see the thread title...tunnel vision. With a Briggs it's rare that the brake assembly malfunctions. Check to be sure the cable is getting a full pull and thereby not grounding out the ignition. You can use pliers to determine such by squeezing the brake arm to a full pull and then check for spark at the spark plug. If not, you'll have to remove the blower shroud to remove the kill wire running to the coil then check for spark at the plug. If not, replace the coil (provided the coil air gap is set properly - .010").

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