Westwood T1200


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Westwood T1200

I have two Westwood T1200's. One has a smokey engine (piston/rings need replacing) but otherwise good condition. The other is rather tired (slightly older model) and has a well-stretched drive belt, that keeps falling off the pulleys when I depress the clutch/brake.

I was thinking of swapping the engines over but can't remove the engine drive pulley (is L/H or R/H thread?). Or swapping the drive belts but can't figure out how to get the belt off the rear pulley, on top of the gearbox.

Can any kind person offer advice/information on either/both of these problems please?
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No one here in my shop has ever heard of a Westwood. But, the engine thread should most certainly be standard, right-hand thread. As for the belt removal from the rear pulley, you'll have to inspect and attempt since, again, no knowledge of this machine...Or perhaps dropping the tranny slightly.
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I'll have a look at mine see if i can tell. any chance you could tell me how the battery leads are wired up at the solanoid thingy or where ever they go along with the ignition and starter motor wires theres 4 terminals and 7 wires on mine i know where the Live battery lead goes just need to know the others.

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