Tuning up my rider


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Tuning up my rider

My first post. This place is a cornucopia of info.

I have a wards signature riding mower with a briggs 18 hp twin cyl (dont have any numbers right now as I am at work) I was wondering if anyone knows the settings for the tuneup? Also, other than plugs and adjusting valves, is there anything else that needs settings checked?
My mower starts hard when it is warm and sometimes even when not but I have found ALOT of info on what to check on for that here.
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If you provide model #'s I can most likely get you links to manuals which will have general operator maintenance recomendations.
The shrouds on these twins are rather tight and lil varmints like to make homes over the winter. I have found its a good idea to remove the shrouds and clean the cooling fins if ne signs of debris are found. Amazing some of the things I have found from post it notes to torn bills...
Inspect the spark plugs also, this will give you an idea of how the engine is doing.
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Hello Dawg!

Set the plug gaps to .030". Pull the small tins off the bottom of the cylinders (5/16" wrench and 1 small bolt holds it on). Clean out the fins under here as well as what Azis mentioned. The fins seem to always clog here and cause overheating and failure. Clean air filter, or replace. Check it over for anything obvious. I answered the hard start question in your other thread.

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