Power Washer


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Power Washer

Hi Guys. My Devilbiss Pressure Washer 2100 PSI, is starting to give me problems after 4 years of use. I used it once or twice during the first 3 years but did not use it during the last 12 months or more. I used it yesterday and it ran real bad.
First of all, It would only run with the choke handle on choke only. When I tried to slide it to run, it killed. So I let it run on chock for about 3 hours, stopping once in a while and loosing power now and then.
A friend of mine said I needed to change the oil and if I stored it with gas in it, the gas line needed to be cleaned. He also said the reason the choke wasn't working properly is because it is shorting out. I found not shortage.
I worked on it for about 4 hours, now it won't start at all.
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What brand, hp, and model engine is on this? A short in the choke??? What does it have an electric choke of some sort?
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hi rlodriguss,
Make and model of the engine will be very helpfull, I may guess tho at a briggs quantum 6.5 hp... or similar?
Most likely the reason for it running with the choke on is a fuel restriction, either from the tank, fuel lines, fuel cap vent, or carb restriction. This creates a lean condition which the choke can compensate for somewhat. It is still a lean condition and should not be ran like this as it can cause overheating and detrimental engine damage.
The "short" your friend may be thinking of is more likely on the throttle kill switch. When the throttle is moved to "Stop" it contacts a switch and a kill wire to the coil, if this wire shorts, it can cause the spark to be intermitten or not at all.
What steps have you performed in your 4 hours of maintenance? And if you can provide or confirm engine make and model...

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