John Deere Would not start


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John Deere Would not start

I've a less than a year old John Deere L100 tractor. I used it for snowblowing for winter too. It has always worked perfectly. Couple of days ago, I replaced snowblower attachment and reattached the mower deck. I used the tractor for 1.5 hours to mow grass. No problems.

Then next morning, the tractor refused to start. When I turn the key, nothing happens. Starter doesn't turn the engine at all.

Lights do come up. So battery is not down. I checked the fuse too. It was fine. I checked for any obvious loose connection. Didn't find any.

Is there anything else within my reach that I can look for before calling the mechanics?

Thank you,
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The positive battery cable should go to the starter, then there should be another wire going to the ignition switch, along with another terminal. You could attempt to jump the ignition switch with a pliers that has an insulated rubber handle. If the starter jumps (like you just turned the switch) then it's likey that either your switch is bad, or there is a solenoid malfunction.

It could also be that the kill switch under your seat is malfunctioning. (The safety feature that kills the engine when you get off the seat.) But I would think it would still turn over, but maybe not.

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