Engine additives for cleaning?


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Engine additives for cleaning?

Somewhere (can't find it now) on this web site i was complaining about my Ryobi trimmer not starting an wanted to know if adding a chemical of some kind would melt the gas sludge from tar, whatever. I was old by someone that they didn't think additives of any kind would clean out the "Gum",
So I started to think about my truck, every month I put in a can of injector cleaner that is supposed to melt the deposits in the injectors and increase performance!
Is this a joke? If it doesn't work in a small engine why would it work in my truck, or does it?
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There is no "mechanic in a can". There are some solvent that are marketed for removing/cleaning deposits in carburetors and injectors, but they mainly help clean light films and keep them from forming. I have a mower in the shop right now that someone used some cleaner in...apparently they just poured a bottle in the tank. Now the carb is messed up, the rubber parts are toast, even the fuel lines need replacing because the stuff made them soft and collapse. The carb is in worse shape now than it would have been if they had just cleaned it out.
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If you're asking if there are aditives for two strokes, the answer is yes.

Chevron Techron can be used in the fuel.

Yamaha sells a product called Ring Free for their outboards.

For my small engines I put Stabil in the fuel as soon as I buy it, which minimizes most storage problems.

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