B&S - Blades don't disengage


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B&S - Blades don't disengage

I've got a old MTD model 134L667F118 with a B&S model 289707 12.5 HP motor- about 12 years old- gave to my son to mow his yard- ran fine for a year- last week when he tried to crack it with the deck up and the clutch-brake pushed in (blades should be dis-engaged), the blades started turning over while trying to crack- can anyone tell me the reason this started occuring? Also, having a slight electrical problem with the battery not charging properly- is this a DC or AC system? and what should we be looking for. Thanks
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The Brake Pads For The Deck Under The Footrest May Be Worn.... Ac Comes Fm Motor And A Diode Changes To Dc In The Circuit... Check Voltage At Battery At Full Throttle If 14-17 Vdc Charging System Is Ok...
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Generally, you don't need the blade brakes for the blades to stop rotating...Disengaging alone should accomplish this. Has your son recently hit an immoveable object with the deck? I would wonder if the deck is off alignment. If so, you may need to replace one or more of the deck hangers to regain alignment.

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