18HP Briggs Twin Cylinder


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18HP Briggs Twin Cylinder

I put new rings in my 18HP Briggs Twin Cylinder engine. The engine runs really good but it must be getting too hot for the starter because the engine will not restart until it cools down before the starter will turn over the engine fast enough for it to restart. I also noticed that the connecting rod has a little slack or play on the crank shaft. This was originally a result of the bearing cap bolts working completely loose causing it to wear. I had hoped by my sanding it smooth & shortning the ends by filing it down would suffice but after taking it apart again, I can see where it's out-of-round on side to side motion. I do have another one on order.

Also, I did not gap the rings before installing them, will this cause overheating. If so, how many thousands should be the gap?

Please advise which is probably causing the problem, or a combination between the two, or something else that it could be that I didn't consider.

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Sounds to me more like a problem with the compression release rather than overheating. I'm not positive but I think the rule for ring gap is 3 thou per inch of bore--don't remember because I mostly replace short blocks rather than rebuild. Labour charges are too high. I suspect that the compression release is not working. When cranking, does the engine stop turning on the compession stroke?

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The ring gaps should be .030" on the compression rings, and .035" on the oil ring or less. I would not want less than .015".

The compression release could be the problem, also, if you don't have all the shields/tins in place around the engine and ends and bottom of the cylinders it will overheat.

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