Need an explanation on walb/behind tilting


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Need an explanation on walb/behind tilting

Would someone explain the correct way to tilt an "L" head walk/behind work underneath (carburetor up or carburetor down). From time to time whenever I tilt one will take forever to dry up the gas in order to get it to start. I assume that whether or not the intake valve happens to be open can really make a difference. After it sits for a good while, it starts right up. What exactly is it doing in the carburetor? Also what about the oil...especially if you've got badly worn valve guides or you might have larger than usual ring-end gaps?
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I tilt them with the carb up. This does allow some fuel to run into the cylinder because the float no longer shuts off the flow of fuel, and the fuel in the bowl can run through the main jet into the engine when it's tilted. Usually, tilting it all the way vertical will not flood it since the fuel then usually becomes lower than the carb. Tilting it the other way will let the gas leak into the air filter and ruin it unless it's foam.

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