Potential safety switch problem-MTD Yard Machine


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Potential safety switch problem-MTD Yard Machine

Does anyone know where the blade safety switch is on a MTD Yard Machines lawn tractor? My neighbor's brand new tractor just quit for no reason and the starter is locked out too, no power. He was in taller than normal grass and accumulated a buildup of clippings on the deck around the belts when it happened so I suspected that area as far as a switch wire getting unplugged before I would the clutch pedal or seat switches.We've checked those switches and they're the "open mini leaf spring" style so they're easy to see they're ok. I have looked closely at all the PTO lever linkages as well as the idler puller to engage the blade belts and I can't even find wires leading anywhere to a safety switch. I know there's one there somewhere because you know how it is on these "politically correct idiot proof" lawn tractors thesedays as far as safety switches go !! Any help in leading me to that switch would be greatly appreciated !! Thanks a lot !
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Potential safty switch problem-MTD Yard Machine

Look behind the so-called dash,under the fuel tank where the blade engaugement lever comes through.You'll see a red or gray micro switch.That's it.

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