Craftsman LawnTractor Deck won't lift.


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Craftsman LawnTractor Deck won't lift.

For some reason the deck won't lift when I pull the handle back. There is a knob for cutting height adjustment, but it doesn't matter where I set it.
I bought the riding lawn mower about 2 months ago, used. It's about 5 years old. It's a 15.5 HP 42" cut, mulching mower. I didn't get an owners manual. This is a new problem, that just developed. Before this (I used it about 4 times) there weren't any problems. Could someone explain what I need to do to fix this myself. (Can't afford a professional. I'm above average-mechanically inclined.)
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deck height

screw the knob counter clockwise as far as it will go. (lift on the lever while turning--makes it easier) The thread may be buggered--you can see it if you lift the hood and get a light and stand on your head and hold your mouth right. No prob. If the thread is not allowing the nut to go all the way--that's the problem. Lemme know.

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That knob will keep it from letting down, but not from lifting up. It sounds like a linkage came off. You can view a diagram of your mower by typing your model# in at
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Today was the first chance I've had to take another look at my lawn tractor. I went out and took the cover off, and was just getting ready to move it out into the open so I'd have more room to work, when I noticed something. Now I feel kinda of foolish.
After I posted the other day, I was reading other posts. One was about the lawn tractor cutting one side lower than the other (this was something else I noticed the last time I mowed). Some one suggested this person check his tires. At the time, I thought--how could you miss low or flat tires? Hello...I have a flat left front tire, a low right front and left rear tire. So tomorrow I will get the portable air tank from work, an air up the tires. Wouldn't it be nice if this fixed the problem.
Thanks for the helpful suggestion. I'll let you know the results.

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