Craftsman Mower - Water in fuel tank


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Craftsman Mower - Water in fuel tank


I have a 4 year old Craftsman 5.5 hp rotary lawn mower. I grabbed a mislabeled gas can that was actually filled with water and proceeded to fill my mower's tank. I'm certain that I had water in the carburetor after trying to start her up for several minutes before realizing what I had done. I immediately drained the tank and tried my best to clear the fuel line. I waited a week before trying to start the mower again with a fresh tank of gas. It ran for about 1/2 hour, then died. I have since been unable to start the engine again. The motor sounded "strained" right before it died. It will occasionally sound as if it will start but it won't quite catch. Any ideas?

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I was speaking to my 85 year old father last night and he resolved a problem that his neighbor had with his Craftsman, same symptons as yours.
This was his test:
Dad also has a Craftsman, so he took the carburetor off his tractor and put it on his neighbors and it ran like a charm!

Resolution: He took the carburetor that belonged on his neighbor's tractor into a shop that works on them. The shop left the carburetor soak in some kind of solution for 24hours. When my father returned to the shop, they showed him the solution and all of the debri that was released from the carburetor. He took the clean part home and the neighbors tractor is running like a charm also!

Perhaps this will help you! May God Bless you and the USA!
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Remove Carb Bowl And Clean With Some 2+2 From Any Parts Store.. Comes With A Littl Tube And You Can Get Up Unto The Jet And Spray... Reassemble And Shld Be Ok...
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still has water in it--pour in a few ounces of methyl hydrate into tank and drain the float bowl. Should start no prob if the plug is dry.

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Hello fmpdev!

No fancy chemicals needed, just remove the carb bowl, dump the water out and clean it out and reinstall like bambiblaster suggested. You should be good to go again.

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