troy-bilt weedeater, does it have a clutch?


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troy-bilt weedeater, does it have a clutch?

engine runs fine, but not much power going to the rotor.

does the cable driveshaft just supposed to fit snug at the top, by the engine? or is it supposed to be glued, welded or somthing like that?

wondering it that it is just slipping at the section, or that a clutch might be going bad?

have no idea.

thanks for any help
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Assuming this is a two cycle, remove muffler and check if spark arrestor screen is plugged with carbon. I have a Homelite I rescued from the dump and that was all that was wrong with it. It's still running great.
If this is what's wrong with yours, get a new muffler and pay close attn. to gas oil mix and use a good quality oil.
Hope this helps,
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it's a four cycle

well, the engine runs just fine, rev's up good,

just the power isn't being transfered.

i just don't know if the cable driveshaft is supposed to attached (meaning glued) at the top half near the engine, or just fit snug.
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It should be stamped into a square shape on the end of the cable, and this square should fit into a square socket on the end of the crankshaft or clutch bell. It probably has a clutch, but the clutches rarely give trouble.

If the shaft/boom is not inserted all the way up to the engine, the cale can slip, or if it has a gearbox at the end of the boom, the gears could be stripped.

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