John Deere LT155 Starter problem


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John Deere LT155 Starter problem

I've got a JD LT155 riding mower. When I turn the key, it starts up fine, but usually the starter doesn't stop right away. It will keep going for 5 seconds or so, before it stops. The engine runs fine. The local repair shop said I need a new switch (they didn't tell me which switch, but I assume it's the starter switch). They want $100 to replace the switch. They also want $150 to give the mower a tune-up. Does this sound reasonable? Can I replace this switch myself? (I l have fair-to-good mechanical abilities.) Any help would really be appreciated. Thank you!

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Starter problem!

If you have a model and serial number, go to the jd web site and enter numbers. see a breakdown of your mower schematic. order the switch and install it.
T.J. terry
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Hello Ethan!

The switch is easy to replace. If the diagnosis is correct, then by all means replace it yourself! The other possibility is a bad solenoid sticking in the on position momentarily. The starter will get ruined like this, so don't let it happen too much before it gets fixed.
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I too have a LT 155.. Looking at the wiring last week, I saw the ignition switch and the two relays. The relays are only $4.5 each, and the switch is pretty straight foward. I would definately replace it myself. If you are sure of the switch or the relay, I would just put the relays in too for the $9.00 bucks.
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LT155 Solenoid

I have had the problem as described by other on the John Deere LT155 tractor that the starter motor keeps running after the key is tuened off. It has been described as potentially being a solenoid problem. I am curious as to for those who have encountered this problem with this tractor if replacing it actually fixed it. In addtion, on the top of the solenoid the positive (red) calbles are attached. I assume that the solenoid switch would complete the circuit for the posisitve cables and therefore activiate the starter. If the solenoid is stuck in an on position, I shold be able to confirm this by using a resistance meter to check the resistance bewteeen these two connectors. If they register no resistance then the swithch is most porbaly not stuck in the on posisiton, if they regeister resistance then thay are. Could you please procide any insights as to whether or not I got this right.

Thanks very much and kindest regards.+
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A hundred dollars just to replace a starter switch sounds a little high. $150 for a complete service sounds alright.

You can check the switch with a 12 volt test light or voltmeter, disconnect the wire that plugs into the side of the starter solenoid, attach the test light or voltmeter to it, turn your key to the start position (make sure that all safety switches are activated i.e. blades off, clutch pedal depressed etc..) and the test light should illuminate or the voltmeter should read voltage. Release the switch the light should turn off or voltage should drop to zero, if power continues after key is released then the switch is the problem, if not then the solenoid could be the problem.
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