JD F525 Front Mower starting Problems.....


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JD F525 Front Mower starting Problems.....

I have a jd f525 front deck mower with a kawasaki 17hp engine.
When it is cold and just sitting on my trailer most of the time I can turn the key and will start.
But after mowing and stopping the engine, when I turn the key to start it just clicks like it is the starter solenoid or relay. This can go on forever.
Could this be a small switch problem somewhere, or does it sound like the solenoid?
Any help will be appreciated.
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JD starting problem

Why not start by checking the obvious! Cleaning the terminals and contacts,checking the ground cable,Is it loose or rusted. After mowing and stopping the motor,do you try to start it right away? Does it start or just click?
Post back with results.so other hapless people can benefit.
T.J. terry
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I have checked all the obvious. I guess I should have stated it in my first post but try not to jump to conclusions so fast.
I checked and cleaned battery posts, ground, used a back up battery, fuses, etc.
After mowing and stopping the engine, I do try to start it right back up and it just clicks. I can't tell if it is the solenoid or a relay.

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T.J. terry,
The obvious is only obvious to those who know. In this case, the obvious has been checked, and now that the problem is beyond obvious to this person, they have come here to ask a question. Now, if the solution were obvious to them, they wouldn't be wasting their time by asking questions here.


I believe you're on the right track by leaning towards the solenoid. You might remove the starter (this has a starter-mounted solenoid, right?) and check the solenoid operation by bench testing it. I believe this solenoid runs around $110.

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