Homelite string trimmer - suddenly sputters off-idle

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Homelite string trimmer - suddenly sputters off-idle

Hello all...first time poster here!

I have a Homelite String Trimmer that is about 3 years old (I think)...I can post model and engine info tonight when I get home...

Yesterday, I used it for the first time this season. It had about a half tank of gas in it, but I always put a little Stabil in my 2-stroke gas. I topped it off with fresh gas, primed it, and it actually started on the 4th or 5th pull. I was pleasantly surprised considering it had been in storage for 6 months.

It took a while to get warmed up and run well, but it did eventually. I probably used it for 20-30 minutes - mostly wide open throttle and working it pretty hard, as I have a lot of weeds to "whack".

Suddenly, it just started sputtering and missing, and would barely turn the trimmer head. It still idles just fine, but as soon as you pull the throttle trigger, it starts running very badly.

I can't say for sure if I did anything (like hitting a small stick or a pile of dirt with the trimmer head)...

Does anyone have any idea why this would happen so suddenly? I am guessing there is something going on with the carbeurator, but I am not sure.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

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Hello Jeff! And welcome!

It really sounds like your muffler is clogged. Maybe something (like a bug...maybe mud dauber wasps) built a nest inside the muffler and it fell apart suddenly and clogged it.
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Question Homelite Trimmer - Sputtering - UT20811

I am found this thread researching the a similar problem I am having with my relatively young Homelite string trimmer.

I took off the muffler, started it and still had the same problem of sputtering & missing at idle and worsenting as I increase throttle.

Any ideas on what to check next? I put a new plug in and new gas. I also checked to fuel line for cracks, checked the air filter, looks ok.


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Homelite string trimmer - suddenly

try this buy some GUM OUT CARB AND CHOKE CLEANER spray the linkage and work the choke by hand with the engine running spray around the aircleaner and down the carburater throat DON'T SPRAY DOWN THE CARB THROAT WITH THE ENGINE OFF don't go passed the choke work the choke by hand the engine will try to stall back off and let it come back up to speed do this a few times working the choke by hand if this don't solve the problem drain the fuel tank and run engine dry replace with fresh fuel and try again the fuel could be bad also are you shakeing the gas can once a week you half to do this because the oil will pull away from the gas if non of this seams to help than the carb could be bad get it looked at and see if and how much to fix may just be cheaper getting a new one

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