Carb Spout Problem


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Angry Carb Spout Problem

I can't believe it's just me? I can't seem to stop my new Blitz gas can with the CARB spout from spilling a considerable amount of gas when I fill my Briggs and Straton push lawn mower. As far as I can see, there is little that can be done to prevent these spills since itís impossible to see into the gas tank while filling because the large spout covers the opening. When the gas tank is full, the only indication is gas spilling out all over the cylinder head, muffler, and machine deck. With the need to press down on the can to get the gas to flow out to begin with, it is impossible to pull back the spout quickly enough to avoid a fairly large spill. I contacted Blitz customer service and they agreed that it is a problem but they did not design the spout. They advised contacting my legislative representatives who had mandated they must use this spout design on their cans in my state .
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Good grief! I don't think I've seen that particular spout. Sounds like a hazard and liability. So now the govt tells us what kind of spouts we have to have on our gas cans???!! And I thought it was bad when my local govt decided it was illegal for us to own a vehicle unless it is insured. And even then, if it breaks down, you can't jack it up in your driveway and work on it for any length of time. It' considered "unsightly".

For the sake of making a point, and just being fed up with "Big Brother the bully", I'd make the calls to the legislators if I had the time.

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