16 hp simplicity


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16 hp simplicity

My 16 hp simplicity seems to be running directly off the battery.Every time I cut the grass approx. 2 hours the tractor won't start until I charge the battery.I notice that the ignition switch has been acting up I have to turn the key three or four times to get it to turn over.Also after about a half hour of running time the tractor will just quit I have to let it sit for awhile before it will run approx.an hour. I have gas in it that I bought in the winter can it be vapor locking on me.
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Sounds like a few problems. Do you have spark when it quits and won't start?

The solenoid is probably the problem with having to turn the key several times.

Does it have a electric PTO? Sounds like either the charging system isn't working, or the battery is no good. What is the voltage at the battery when running at full throttle?
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How old is the tractor? What make, model and serial numbers of the engine? Is the engine a battery ignition? Sounds like a battery ignition to me and that the battery is weak due to either age or the charging system is malfunctioning. With battery ignition it is essential that the battery be very good and that ALL connections be clean and free of any corrosion. Post back with engine #'s as well as if the engine is battery or magneto ignition.

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