(Locating) model number on (Riding Mower)


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(Locating) model number on (Riding Mower)

i have a murray riding mower doesnt have a model # on the rider, but does ha model number for the briggs and straton engine, how do get the model # for the rider
thanks for any help you guys can give
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Usually I find them on a medal tag that is glued to one of two places. This may or may not be true for yours. Open the hood and look on the underside of the top. The other place I look is to raise the seat and find it on the deck under or just behind the seat near the battery or gas tank. Sorry I can't be of more help! >>>>>The only thing I can add is that you can get a pretty close idea of when the deck was assembled by deducting that date from the date the engine was made. The last of the three sets of numbers you find on your briggs is called the code. the first 2 numbers is the Year it was manufactured the next two is the month and the next two are the day. I think Murry was boughtout recently as I've had some problems with there website but you can check there for information. Just Google Murry and try to select the latest and greatest address.
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Under the seat (perhaps on the fender OR the underside of the seat itself) OR squat down at the rear of the machine and it may be on the frame just below where the seat mounts. I will say it is common for Murray mowers to lose their ID tags and you may not be able to find it at all.

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