BRIGGS 18hp died and won't start


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BRIGGS 18hp died and won't start

I have a Briggs model 422707, type 1510-01, code 90101212, MTD riding mower. It was mowing fine on day then just coughed and died, like it had run out of gas. But there was still a half tank of gas. It has not run since that day. I replaced the plugs and sprayed starter fluid inside, but it will not even try to start. Then I pulled the plugs and the top of the engine, down to the flywheel, When I hold the tip of the plug wire in my hand and rock the magnet back and forth past the coil, I get no spark on my hand at all. When I put the plugs on the wires outside the engine, and hit the starter, sometimes I will get nothing, but other times I get a spark. It sounds like an electrical problem to me.

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Sounds Like 2 Thing Groung Wire Fm Coil Shorting Out Or The Coil Is Bad.... Most Likely The Coil...
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engine wont start

Are you sure it's getting fuel to the sparks? It's most likely electrical, but it would be a shame to go down that road and find you have a clogged fuel line or bad fuel pump.
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Welcome. A slow rock of the flywheel will not be suffcient to produce a spark from the coil. As long as you do have some spark from the coil when rotating at cranking speed you should assume your spark is present. Check carb operation next. Make sure you have gas/air mixture from it. If you do have gas/air present, I would suggest that you have a valve/rocker arm issue with this engine. You can check by opening the valve cover and taking a peak at the valve train. Although, it still maybe spark related. But even in this case you should still get a hit from the piston every now and then. Let us know what you find.

God Bless!

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Correct, you won't get a spark by rocking the flywheel by hand. You should, however, get spark with the starter turning the engine. (all the time). Do you get a nice blue consistent spark, or intermittent? Try unplugging the thin black wire from the coil and check spark again.
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Got it fixed

Thanks for your replys, I finally gave up and called a professional. They came to the house and picked it up, replaced the electronic Coil module, washed and waxed the mower, and delivered it to my house in the next town for a grand total of $ 88.28, so I gave them $90 and we were both happy. And while they were here I helped load a rear tyne tiller that had not been start in over 10 years. I figure it needs a professional touch to get it going again.

thanks for your suggestions,
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Glad the problem is resolved but bear in mind we could have likely walked you through the procedure. That's what we're here for...DIY'ers. Hope we have the opportunity next time you have trouble.

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