Bent crankshaft worth fixing?


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Bent crankshaft worth fixing?

My friend was doing me a favor and mowing my lawn last night and accidentally ran over a large rock. I think the crankshaft is bent (again).

It's a 4.5 HP self-propelled Honda Craftsman with 4-stroke. I paid $300 for it three years ago. I called the small engine repair shop near my house and the guy on the phone doesn't think it's worth fixing.

Unfortunately I bent the crankshaft myself right after purchasing it and I paid $180 to fix it then. I mowed a lot of lawns as a kid and I remember running over a fair amount of stuff but never bent a crankshaft. I have two questions - 1. does my lawn mower have a particularly weak crankshaft and 2. is it work fixing again?

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Hello Sausalyn!

I am not aware of a problem with weak shafts in hondas. As to wether it's worht fixing or not, I don't know. That price to repair is probably about what the mower would be worth in very good condition, so it's your call.
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Post your chassis and engine ID #'s and I'll give you a estimate if I were to do the job in my shop.
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bent shaft

are you certain the shaft is bent..quite often the white metal key that holds the flywheel on the shaft shears off and the flywheel moves "out of time" and this will cause the mower to shake and bounce and lead youto believe the crank is bent...they make those keys out of white metal for a good reason..with a little luck all you may need is a 25 cent key

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