kholer 15 hp. command


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Question kholer command 15 hp

ok this is on a craftsmen tractor. here is what happend thought the starter was bad got a new one on line it was a different style. has seleniod on it the ohter didnt. any way couldnt turn it over pulled plug turned it over and it shot oil out. found out it had several quarts too much oil in it .lowerd oil level
put new battery in and still wont turn over with no plug in it . was wondering
what to check next?it will turn over by hand very easly with no plug.also wondering what kind of damage to look for internally?valves? also it has blow buy coming out the dipstick.ok checked it farther will turn about 3 revs till it that the oil is out of the cylinder

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Did the oil smell like gas by chance? Was it really thin? If so, you probably have a carburetor problem flooding the engine with fuel.

There probably is no damage. Will the starter engage at all?
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no it wasnt from gas my nephew changed oil and put in too much.i am thinking he may have hydroliced the motor?i am going to recheck the starter
but with the plug in i can only turn it so far then meet hard resistence but not like compression.what i was wondering was what to look for if it was hydroliced?
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ok the starter wasnt wired properly got that fixed and it will fire on starting fluid but am not getting gas.the seliniod on carb seems to be working but this has sat for a year or two so i am going to clean the carb and try to see why not getting fuel
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Make sure the oil level is now correct!
Remove the spark plug (s) and turn the engine over several times. This should purge any fluids from the cylinder (s)

It sounds like you may have been on the right track with the starter...check the starter gear and see if it remains engaged to the flywheel...
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Talking all is well

ok starter was wired wrong the new one had silenoid on it and one on tractor
had to add a wire. now it gets full power cleaned carb runs like a champ well it does smoke a littel but that should go away thanks for all the input

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