Hydro died on LX188 Deere, can i fix


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Hydro died on LX188 Deere, can i fix

I have a 2000 year model LX188 liquid cooled kawaski with not to many hours on it. It slowly slowed down and now can't climb a slight incline. The dealer said the hydro is roasted and in not really serviceable. NO external filters, or ability to change or add fluid. Sealed unit? They said $1500!!! Well any chance of me breaking it open and finding something wrong to fix? Drill hole and add some transmission fix fluid, or drain and add thicker fluid? ANything to make it work for awhile longer. I don't think i can hurt it anymore. How much should a rebuild be if it were cheap? Can i get the parts? Could i find a used one somewhere, and how about putting a gear shift transaxle in the tractor if that is easier to find? OTher wise i guess i will just part out on ebay? Engine is great. Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi Kelvin!

That is one excellent machine. It's among my favorites, and I'd hate to see it parted out. It should have a fluid bottle under the seat. Have you checked the fluid level in it? You can drain the fluid and replace it. Sometimes that brings 'em back to life. I think the old fluid eventually shears out and just doesn't work well over a period of time. You may have to pick the front of the mower up and drain it out the fill bottle. Replace with new Hyguard fluid. If that doesn't do the trick, you may be able to fix it. You'll want to disassemble it in a very clean area, and clean the tranny well before opening it up. Hydros don't tolerate trash. There's a screen or mesh filter inside the tranny that may be stopped up. There may be a different problem that would be obvious when you disassemble it.
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I had bought an LX188 that has similar symptoms. Even the dealer told me the hydro needed major work. I took off the mower deck and crawled underneath and adjusted the engine to hydro belt tenstion and it worked perfectly after that.

I know it's a long shot, but hopefully you have the same problem as I did.

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