ran over lawnmower wheel


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ran over lawnmower wheel

I have 6.5HP yardmachine mower. Bolt holding right front wheel must have been loose because wheel fell off while mowing grass.

It went under deck and hit the blade. Mower stopped immediately. I got new hardware and mounted wheel again.

A few days later, mower seemed fine, then about five minutes later mower died. Now, it starts but is real sluggish....blade spins so slow you can hear it wisping against grass.

Any idea what the probelm is? could impact from wheel hitting blade caused damage to motor? Blade looks fine

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You most likely sheared the blade hub key - which likely is integral to the hub (not replaceable) whereas you'll have to replace the hub to solve the trouble. Another area of concern is the flywheel key being sheared as this most likely happened as well as the hub shearing. Does the mower tend to "kick" when starting? If so, then the flywheel key needs to be inspected and replaced if necessary. Be sure to torque the flywheel nut to specs or you'll be doing the job again.

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