Honda Belt Problem


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Question Honda Belt Problem

I'm working on a Honda Harmony II (HRT216SDA) self-propelled, rear drive push mower. The belt keeps coming off. I cannot determine if it is coming loose at the transmission pulley or PTO pulley.

There are no belt guides (that I've been able to see) like many of the other mower's I've worked on.

the only possilbe adjustment is a bolt that is located underneath the rear plastic door. The head of the 10 mm bolt is located on the outside of the body of the mower (underneath the read door). On the other end of the bolt is a nut and spring attached to the bolt, which are located underneath the mower, above the transmission.

The is the only adjustment I can find related to the belt.

Does anyone know what the proper adjustment procedures for this bolt? Any other ideas or adjustments to elminate the belt coming off the pulleys?


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If I recall correctly, the spring is all that holds the belt tight by rocking the tranny pulley back with spring tension. If the belt is too long/worn, the tranny will rock back enough that the pulley is no longer parralell to the engine pulley, and the belt rides off it.
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Honda Belt Problem

The belt is new. However, now that you mention it, when the belt is on, I seem to remember that the trans pulley did not appear to be parallel to the engine pulley. The trans pulley appeared to be slightly higher than the engine pulley, putting a very slight twist on the belt. I'll check it again today.

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