4.5 b&s


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4.5 b&s

I have a 4.5 b&s push mower and i cannot get it to run smooth. I get a lot of black smoke and the plug gets fouled very quickly. I have read in the forum that this blackness is caused mostly by choke setting or air adjustment. The problem is I cannot find the choke or air screws. I took off the air filter and all that is there is the carb bowl and no choke. I took off the pull cord housing to get a better look at the carb and still no go. Where are these things?
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You may not have a choke on yours. If you have a primer it certainly wont. 4.5 b&s...????? Can only assume that is 4.5 HP briggs, with that "assumption" I must also make another one in you having a diaphram carb, where the carb mounts directly on top of the fuel tank...?
If this is the case it sounds as tho the diaphram has some debris or damage and will need cleaning or replaced. Personally for the cost of a few dollars, and the fact that you already have it apart, I would replace it. Find the model # and type from the front of the engine shroud you mentioned removing (pull cord housing) and go to a local parts or post here for part #'s

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