Cordless Chain Saw


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Cordless Chain Saw

I have a small project and then will never need it again. For some small trees and brush, I tried to rent one but that didn't work. The electric ones won't help me I can't get electricity to the work area and I really don't want gas for a couple of reasons. Where I am cutting, I can't cut anything greater than 6" in diameter so they are pretty small, but will be trimming limbs of those larger trees and taking out bushes and brush. It doesn't have to have a long life, I doubt the project will take 2 days. Any suggestions on what to buy and where to buy it, I would like to pick it up locally.

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I have not seen a battery chainsaw. You may have to go with a reciprocating saw (Sawzall) and some long wood blades. At least its a tool you may use in the future. Good luck in your search.
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Makita would be the make to look for I think for battery power. Although u would pay as much or just about as a gas powered unit.
Home Depot rents tools and also carries Makita, I would look there for rental or other rental outfits.
Capacity for this saw is only 4.5" however
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Thanks guys for the replies. Actually Walmart had a set of 6 cordless tools that did include a reciprocating saw. I didn't need any of the other tools so it seemed like a waste and I couldn't find just the saw. Then I thought maybe I could get a way with just a decent hand saw for the small things that I have to do, I think the biggest tree is maybe 4". So I looked in that section and found a neat little saw by Stanley that was boasting 50% more effiecient because it cut in both directions, it read good so I bought it. It works great and I have maybe an hours work left tomorrow and it will be completely done. I guess sometimes we just think we need a power tool.

Thanks again for your help.

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