Briggs 5HP leaking from the bottom...


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Briggs 5HP leaking from the bottom...

1750 PSI power washer.

Lent to Bro-In-Law.

Came back broke - (with a new power washer incidentally, which I refused).

I use it about once or twice a year for past 6 years.

Added oil, changed spark plug, got to start.

Sounded a bit "clanky", engine output was variable, not steady, more vibration than usual, less water pressure than usual, engine stopped, would not restart, oil and gas mixture leaking steadily from the bottom (onto my shoes dammit)...not the bottom of the water assembly, but the bottom of the engine.

Is it:
1 - time for a new PW?
2 - shelve until cooler weather and take it apart? (I am not mechanically inclined).

Any advice is appreciated.


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Look at the engine case for holes or cracks. You can also remove the spark plug and slowly pull the starter cord (listen & feel for scraping and binding).

A few drops of oil on the ground may be a leaking seal. A puddle or a stream of oil can mean bigger problems.
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A fuel and oil mixture would indicate that the carburetor is flooding and filling the crankcase with fuel. Then the fuel-thinned oil is able to leak out of places it normally wouldn't. Running it this way may have ruined the engine.

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