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Reel Mower

I recently picked up a power reel mower. It's a Craftsman model # 536-81740-YB4. The engine is an Eager 1 model # 143 243 042 or a Tecumseh LAV30-30527K. The engine runs only with the choke on and I would like to tune it as best I can. It smokes for awhile once you start it. I plan on performing some engine work, depending on its complexity.I'd like to know the exact replacement of the spart plug and it's gap. Since it's self propelled, the tires are pretty well bare due to their age. I'm lookng for replacements. I'd like to set the linkage correclty for the self propelled system. I'm wondering if the propulsation mechanism needs to be lubed and if so where. Any leads/advice is greatly appreciated.
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Welcome. The Carb rebuild kit is Tecumseh part #631584. Break the carb down, clean "very well" and replace these parts in the carb.

I suspect you have a leak in the intake/carb. The gaskets you receive with your kit and your insepection/rebuild of the intake and carb should fix the choke/run problem unless there is a leaking intake valve. Also, if this engine has points and a condenser I would strongly suggest replacing them.

Spark plug for this Craftsmen/Tecumseh engine is a Tecumseh# 33636, Champion RJ-17LM or Autolite 245. The Gap should be set @ .030

Cheese, will weigh in on your other issues which I'm not in the know of! I hope this helps.

God Bless and Sincerely!

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You can use this link to get parts breakdowns of your mower and engine... just type in the model #'s you provided.
I think it is made by Murray but cannot find ne info on real mowers from murray.
The sears site lists the Owners manual as part #60904 but says it is no longer available. You may be able to go to sears and see about special order or if they have one they can copy or print for u. This should have the instructions for maintaining the drive system as well as most of the rest of the mower.

As for the choke/carb issue, the bolt that hold the bowl on the carb is also the main jet. Remove it and clean the small holes. You should clean the bowl out as well and replace the bowl gasket. There is really nothing else to do on these carbs unless the needle and seat are damaged, which if your fuel is being regulated ok then should not be a problem.

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