14.5HP Briggs&Stratton Heavy Smoke Under Load


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14.5HP Briggs&Stratton Heavy Smoke Under Load

Last time I mowed my lawn on my Murray(40"dual blade riding mower) with a 14.5b&S about half finished when it started smoking badly through the exhaust fogged out the whole neighbourhood. When the load is off (mower disengaged) it runs and drives fine when mower is engaged it smokes like crazy!! I am guessing the rings are shot but do not know if it is something simpler. If it is the rings how hard is it to repair? The mower/engine is ~7years old and was working great until last mow I change oil regularily etc I have been mowing ~2acres with this tractor every summer for the last 7 years so it has lots of hours on it. Are there any other repairs to do if I have it apart for the rings? Any help advice would be appreciated.
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Is the smoke black or white..?
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White smoke
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Check the oil level. All I can think of from top of my head is the crank breather. Should be a hose from the crank to the carb. See if this is plugged or restricted.

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crankcase breather


It would be worth your while to replace the breather before you get into rebuilding things. They do act up and are a common problem for the symptoms you describe

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Check the oil. Is it overfull? Does it smell like gas? Could be too full, thinned by gas from a leaking carb, bad pcv valve, bad rings, blown head gasket.

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