Onan engine weak spark


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Onan engine weak spark

I have a 2 cylinder 24 horse Onan engine mod# T260G that is producing a very weak spark. I replaced plugs to no avail. The coil gets quite hot after 10 seconds of engine cranking. I have checked as much as possible to find a short and there doesn't seem to be one. I am going to try disconnecting the condenser to see if this changes anything. Other than that I am stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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A weak spark is a sign of a condensor going out. Another thing to check is the points gap and the spark plug gap. Also, the points could be burned. It would probably be best to just get a new condensor and points and set them to the righ gap, as gas engines get older and older, the performance of the points and condensor goes downhill. Also, check the contact points under the distributor cap, on the rotor, and the connections at the ground wire connecting the distributor to the block, and the possotive wire connecting the coil to the points.
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Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, or fortunately, my motor has electronic ignition. I was hoping it didn't as I figured the points would had to have been the likely culprit. I will replace the condenser and try to work backwards from the least expensive to the most. Hopefully I will luck out.

My Father-in-law suggested jumping the coil as well to make sure it was getting the 12 volts required.

Time will tell.

Thank you again.

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