Troybilt 2200 Pressure Washer


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Troybilt 2200 Pressure Washer

Ok here goes...First off I want to say that I work with COmputers so I am not handy in any way. If I try to fix something, more than likely I will break it. Some people were just meant to pay for repairs, and I am trying to find out if I am one of them. Here is my dilema. I purchased this 2200 pressure washer for everyday uses around the house. I put it together, and then I went to add the oil. The Motor manual that comes with the pressure washer (Briggs&Stratton 4.5 HP) says that the capacity is 20 oz. The Bottle they gave me in the Box was 18 oz. Needless to say I thought it was excessive but I dumped it all in. Now it is past the full line by a good 1/4 inch. Do I leave it in there or Do I syphon it out to the full line. I wish they were a little more specific about how much oil to add.

Thanks for the info!
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What type of oil was included with the unit? The engine should not be ran with the oil level overfull.
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IT was an 18 oz bottle of engine oil for the motor. It was included in the box. Thats all I can tell you because The washer and packaging material is at my new house and I am not moved in yet.
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Since it is brand new you should have complete Owners manual. Read and follow the instructions and if problems arise, call the support numbers or the store of purchase. They will be able to help u much more than ne one here since they should be aware of how your unit was packaged and intended to be assembled.
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1/4" shouldn't be enough to hurt anything. Something doesn't add up though. The manual says use 20, the bottle that came with it was only 18, and that's too much?? That's about par for the course these days.
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Oil Capacity

I have a Briggs&Stratton on my pressure washer and it calls for 20 oz of oil. It shows full on the dip stick at approx 16 - 18 oz. I have also noted the B&S on my lawnmower does the same. I don't think a bit over the full mark is a concern.


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