craftsman tiller doesn't idle correctly


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Unhappy craftsman tiller doesn't idle correctly

I have a crafttsman rear tine tiller with a 6hp Tecumseh engine model # 917.293650 . The tiller starts fine, but while idling the govenor will open up and then close off sometimes resulting in engine stall. It only does this when the tiller is not under load. When you are tilling the engine will stay at a relatively constant rpm, but as soon as you pick it up out of the dirt the rpms start going up and down.
If you push in the primer bulb it will even out. Also if you just simply put your hand over that area of the carb it will even out. I replace the primer bulb thinking it had a hole and was getting to much air or something in it but that didn't help. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
THe engine model is #143976001 family # TTP195U1G1RA
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Welcome twohounds,

Sounds like your carb needs a good cleaning. Remove the carb and disassemble. Make yourself a diagram of all linkages and how the throttle and choke flaps are arranged.

Clean all ports and openings with carb cleaner and compressed air. Replace any parts that look worn especially any rubber o-rings and gaskets. Reassemble taking care to return everything back exactly as it came apart. This should fix the surging problem.

God Bless
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Thanks I'll give that a shot. I tried running sea foam carb cleaner thru it and that didn't work. I'll take it apart and give it a good dose of gum out and see it that does it.
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Spraying down the throat will usually not do it. Disassembly and a very good cleaning with your brand of carb cleaner and compressed air blast through all openings and passage ways is the best for your condition. You may need to remove the welch plug from the side and for which you will need replacements for and clean throughly.

The very tiny metering holes inside or the jet screws "if yours has them" and their passage ways can hide tiny specks that will cause this problem and can only be cleaned with the carb removed and taken apart. "Warning", only clean these tiny holes with cleaner, compressed air and nylon fishing line. No metal wire!

Believe me you, all the above if done correctly, can make the difference in a perfect hiter or a surging and "what is wrong this thing" engine.

God Bless,
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There is a screw that holds the bolt on. It has 4 small holes in it. I'm betting the one at the top of the screw in an unthreaded section is partially restricted. Clean these holes and see what happens.

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