Help deciding between lawn mowers


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Help deciding between lawn mowers

I'm trying to decide between 4 models. The story goes something like this: We have a riding lawn mower (17 years old, Ingersoll) which we are having trouble getting parts for. The lawn mower was down for about 3 weeks, in the interm we had to rent a walk behind lawn mower - a Honda HRS216SDA. Well, I got the Ingersoll repaired, but the pulley in front snapped (the weld between a pulley and shaft cracked). We have roughly an acre to cut, with a TON of bushes, trees, edges.

Anyways, we are still trying to get a part for the Ingersoll. In the meantime, the push lawn mower worked so well that we'd like to get one for trimming, and to finish the cutting season up with (if we cannot get the pulley). There are areas on our property that get a bit moist, and we cannot cut them with our riding mower - not wet, but mushy.

So, we are trying to figure out which model is best suited. Ideally, if the mower breaks I'd like to be able to get parts easily to repair the lawn mower. I liked the Honda because it felt light. But I like the Toro because of the cast deck (though am worried it could crack). I don't like the Toro Personal Pace plastic handle. I like the Husqvarna variable throttle control. The constant speed Honda is not the best. I like how easy the Honda engine is to start (this is important), but I think the B&S has parts that are easier to come by (am I wrong?). We will not be bagging, but mulching. The Toro has a 5 year warranty, Honda 3, and Husqvarna 2.

So, with this whole explanation, how do I choose between the 4? They all have about the same features, roughly the same price point. The upshot is we can get the Husqvarna @ 10% off + 6 months no financing. The Honda can be bought at Home Depot.

Home Depot has:

HRS216SDA - $399.00

Local dealer:

20054 - $469.00

5521BBC - $499.00
55R21HV - $399.00

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HRS216SDA - $399.00

We have the honda mower, Its the best walk behind I have ever used. We have the upgraded model however, its got 3 speeds on the self propel, and a metal deck, was like around $475 when I bought it new 5 years ago. But honestly I never use speed 1 or 3 its usually just speed 2. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to back up, the rear wheel sometimes will lock.
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Originally Posted by vwbr
Sometimes it can be a little difficult to back up, the rear wheel sometimes will lock.
Is this because of the 3 speed? I didn't seem to have that issue on the 1 speed I rented.

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I would go for the Honda--best for your money. About the sticking wheels when trying to reverse--usually needs a bit of oil on the wheel pawl if that model has them

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I have a $300 new Toro. 6.5hp,selfpropelled front wheel drive,3 in 1.
Runs great . Have had Toro machines before. dependability sold me on
this one.

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