tecumseh quits running


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Question tecumseh quits running

Older Tecumseh 13 HP riding mower (Ace Special Edition). It would not start, so first thing we checked was the spark plug. It was fouled, so after replacing it, the mower starts, but only runs for 30 seconds to 3-4 min max (it just DIES w/o warning like you turned off the ignition) and will not restart until it has been sitting for several hours or the next day. It will turn over fine, but will just not start. There is no power getting to the spark plug when it is not starting, but there must be spark getting to it when it will start (obviously). Someone suggested that it might be the magneto, but we pulled the flywheel and none of the copper wires on the magneto appear to be broken, and every other wire on the machine seems to be fine. All the safety switches seem to be working. We replaced the ignition thinking that maybe it was shorting out inside, but that didn't fix it - still does the same thing. The closest lawnmower repair mechanic I have been told by several people NOT to take it to him, so I am at a loss what to do. Hoping someone else has had something similar happen to them............
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Sounds like you've got a real puzzle,lets see,you said that you replaced the ignition coil, right?That's how an electric ignition coil does.They get hot and quit working till they cool off again.Did you get the air gap (distance between flywheel/coil)right?Did you check the fuel tank vent?Is it open?Losen the cap and crank to check.Does it run longer?Have you checked the fuel filter/line)s)??Oh...I have seen just one piece of grsass grounding the whole ignition system out too.Could be just enough water in the fuel or the fuel filter not to burn.

Take the ground wire off and try first.Then losen the fuel cap and try.

Trace all this out and if no luck,post bace with all you've done and results.
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actually, we replaced the starter ignition - we were thinking there was a kill wire in there shorting out maybe. I'm thinking now it's the coil too. It won't start at all as of this afternoon. I imagine there is gapping like points (distance from magnet on the flywheel) that I will have to reset when I put a new one on?
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I agree! The inginition coil mounted under the flywheel cover, directly facing the flywheel,"connects directly to the spark plug" is suspect. The gap between flywheel face and coil for Tecumseh is .012-.014

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thanks so much! That is a TINY gap, I think I will have to purchase a new gapping tool to get it that precise!

On another note - we did end up taking off the flywheel and then the magneto (alternator) for an inspection. I hope the magneto just bolts back on in one position (that's what it looks like). Hoping there isn't a ''setting'' for that...
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No setting for that. The alternator (stator) will not have any effect on the ignition.
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well, it's not fixed yet! I ordered the coil from Ace and it came in today and it's the WRONG part. So, try try again.....

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