$300 Chain Saw Recommendation

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$300 Chain Saw Recommendation

I am in the market for a 16" chain saw for residential use. I want one that is lightweight. I am willing to spend up to $300. I have heard that Stihl is the best, but are their less expensive models still good?
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It all depends on how much you are going to use it. I have a Craftsman 20" that I have been real happy with. Less than $150. Husquavarna makes great saws. You said "residential use". Does this mean only YOUR residence? It is a shame to pay big bucks for something that will sit in the case more than doing a job. Good luck.
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I Used My Crafstman (paid 119.00 For It) ... Up In The Moutains Clearing 2 Acres With A Buddy And His Stihl.... I Cut Circles Around Him... Only Prob I Had With It Was Bar Oil Leak From Setting... But Thats Common On Those....
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I suppose it depends on what you're wanting out of the saw. A craftsman cutting circles around a stihl means the stihl had problems, or was dull, or was old and slow. A stihl or other higher end saw will usually start when you want it to, even after sitting in storage for the majority of a year, while low end saws are a gamble when it comes time to pull it off the shelf in the garage. Higher end saws are generally more balanced and comfortable/safer to use (lower vibration, faster chain speed, more friendly handle/trigger assembly, chain guard, and stronger engine which lessens hangups midcut). I'll put it this way, I have a stihl that is a 1985 model that I hardly ever have to tinker with, and have had it for years. The whole time I owned it, I have also owned other lower end saws and wore them out. They are gone, but the stihl is still running like it was new. I always try to have at least 2 running useable saws at all times ( I use wood heat for my home, and also do demolition work at times that really puts a saw to the test). Now, instead of partnering low end saws with my stihl, I got a Husquvarna. I haven't worn either one out yet, even though they both LOOK like they've been through the mill.

My case might be different from yours though, in that I pretty much rely on having a saw that will start and run when I need one. If you just want something that you can use a few years, then toss and buy another, and not be in too much of a pickle when it decides to break down, then a lower end saw would be ok. Basically, you get what you pay for.
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Originally Posted by RoseRx
I am in the market for a 16" chain saw for residential use. I want one that is lightweight. I am willing to spend up to $300. I have heard that Stihl is the best, but are their less expensive models still good?

I have a ECHO chain saw and it works great! It starts easy and is light weight. Its a small looking thing but it will cut threw big timbers. The model number is CS-345. The chain saw is 16" and the bar can be replaced in order to make the cutting size bigger. It comes with a nose gaurd in order to reduce kickback and it should come with a chain brake depending on where you live. For instance some provinces or states make the chain brake manditory by law but if your doesn't come with one you can just go to your local ECHO dealer and get a chain brake.
Hope this Helps
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Honestly who wants to pay 100+ for a tool just to use a few years then have to toss.....? We all want to pay the low amount, but all want the tool around for as long as its needed.
Husqy, Stihl, Echo all are good solid reputable tools, IMHO. Have not seen many Echo Chainsaws but have seen blowers and trimmers by echo and consider them solid units. Check the local dealers in your area and see which has the most support. Although little if any maintenance Should be needed, some dealers will offer free tune-ups, carb adjustments, extra oil etc...

My personal preference is Husqvarna. I have one with a 16" bar and have used it from trimming limbs in the yard to cutting cords of firewood. It does not get used often but when it does it gets rode hard. When it does get used it also starts and runs with less than 3 pulls. I have yet to even change the spark plug or any other maintenace other than chain bar and storage (fuel/oil)
I cut wood with old loggers who are acustomed to dragging their Huge Stihls around on wheels. Have had them pick up my Husqy and try it and nearly had to fight them to get it back.

If you figure $300 for 10yrs of trouble free service, pay it once now or pay half now and the other half in a few years when the other half may be more than half.....

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