B/S Classic start problems


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B/S Classic start problems

I have a B/S classic, 3.5 HP engine on a Murray mower I found at the dump. This mower appeared to be almost brand new so I took it home. To get it started I had to put gasket maker material on the primer bulb hole, I thought the hole was damage. It seemed to rum ok, but then had some running problems. I bought a new primer bulb and installed it. To get it to start I have to prime the heck out of it, and then it usually quits after a minute or two. Some times it will run for up to five minutes before dying out. I have taken the carb assembly off and cleaned and checked everything, put full tanks of fresh gas in it and it still has start and run problems. I consider myself a decent mechanic so this has become a test of will with this mower. Any suggestions?
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Try leaving the gas cap loose to see if it is plugged. If that isn't it, then you may have the carb with vacuum fuel pump and there is a hole in the diaphrargm.
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My first thought from your description is that you need to replace the carb diaphragm. The plastic carbs warp a bit on these, and allow the diaphragm to pull on the backside of the carb and not seal well.

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