Rototiller Engaging problem


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Exclamation Rototiller Engaging problem


I have a rototiller made by Gilson Brother that has a 3.5 B&S engine. The problem I have is that when I engage the rototiller to turn it turns but as soon it makes contact with the ground the rototiller stops but the engine still runs. I have the rototiller disasembled in order to clean up the engine. Also on my rototiller the choke is controled by a push/pull handle and I was reading a B&S manuel and it said that choking the carb could cause a fire, but when I was reading the manuel for the engine it that since it didn't have a kill switch that I was to move the choke to "low" the to "off". What I am doing now, is that considered to be choking the carb?

Thank you

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It sounds like the V-belt idler pulley that tightens the belt to engage tiller needs to be adjusted to make the belt tighter when engaged.
Find the idle speed adj. screw,usually on top of carb., and turn it counterclockwise until engine dies. if you're careful you can use this to kill engine and still carefully bring it down to idle.
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What you are doing to kill the engine is fine, and the way it was intended to be done. Choke is only activated when the throttle lever is all the way at the fast side of the control.
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Exclamation Re:Rototiller Engaging Problem

Thanks Guys

I checked my carb but it is running fine and my rototiller doesn't have any belts. When I took it apart I saw that there was some type of clutch system. What happens is that when I engage the rototiller there is a small disc that move upward. From there it makes contact with the engine shaft which has another one of these discs. I noticed that when I put it into the ground and the rototiller stoped that the clutch disc on the engine was still turning. Is there anything I can do to help the other disc make better contact with the engine's disc? Thanks
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Replace the clutch disk. It is probably interchangeable with a common driven disk on a snapper mower.
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If the clutch engages via a manual lever, there may be an adjustment, actually I would think there would have to be.
Am not familiar with yours so can not be sure if where or how but would think it should have one. That is not to say that the disc may not be worn beyond use either.

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