Honda GX 200 quits after 15 to 30 seconds

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Honda GX 200 quits after 15 to 30 seconds

I have a Honda GX 200 engine. It runs fine for about 30 seconds and stops. It will start again after a few pulls but quits again after about 15 seconds.
Any clues of what I shoud look for or replace?
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Hello Jim!

There are a few possibilities, mostly fuel related. Remove the carb bowl and make sure the bowl is clean and has no water in it. Make sure that when you turn the fuel lever on, fuel actually flows into the bowl area fairly quickly. If not, the filter in the tank, fuel line, or cup under the fuel valve could be stopped up.

Also, this engine has a low-oil sentry. If the engine is at the point where it is just low enough on oil to start affecting the sentry switch, it could do this.
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I installed a new carburetor and changed the oil. The engine will now continue to run; however, it does not keep a steady idle. I can see the governor arm moving back and forth about 1 mm.
So I tried this new carb on another GX 200; same results; unsteady idle.
The original carburetor identification number is BE64B A. The one I bought on eBay has an ID number not even close to the original. I may have bought some aftermarket reproduction.
Any thoughts?
Thank you,
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There are after market carbs available for some honda engines, however I can not vouch for ne thing purchased from e-bay, I have used the aftermarket carbs with no problems and actually a reasonable price!!!
First check your idle speed adjustment setting on page 13 of this manual

You should have a mixture adjustment on the side of the carb. It may be a gray or black tab situated inside tabs or ears on the carb body which limit the amount of travel for the mixture screw. Try adjusting the screw CCW. If the condition does not better with this screw adjusted out to the max, set it back to the center postion and I would then look for fuel restrictions as Cheese mentioned or possibly an intake leak between the carb and cylinder.

Also note how does it run at full throttle and the spark plug condition after running...
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I have a GX 200 go cart that also would run a while and then quit and would not start. After cool down STRONG back fires and still not start. Totally disassembled the carb and cleaned with cleaner and still didnt' start. Was very careful to do the 3 counter clockwise rotations from set on the needle valve of the side gas port on reassembly of the carb. Wouldn't start. Couldn't prime sucessfully with raw gas down the throat of the carb with the airfilter off, and was not really excited about that procedure because of the strong previous backfiring. Because it needed choaked, I decided the fuel air mixture needed to be richer. I opened the gas jet another 1/2 turn, and now it is running smoothly, and is accelerating better than it ever has. I think that the EPA fixed jet nonsense is getting us in trouble again. Give it some gas.

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